Whitening & wrinkle cream cách dụng

Th whnng s h las nvasv of all nal cosmc ramns. I s saf, fas an nxpnsv; an ffcv way o brghn naural h scolour or san by ag or chmcal. Mos pans can xpc o brghn hr h by 8 o 10 shas afr h whnng procur.

Whl saf, som nvuals o xprnc som gr of ransn ooh snsvy; hs can howvr b manag by your ns.

Bnfs of Th Whnng

Do you hav san h from oo much coff/a or smokng? Or you may b born wh naurally scolour h (nrnsc sans)? Th whnng s frqunly us o ra ml o mora surfac an nrnsc sans.

Afr 2-3 wks of ‘hom’ whnng or 1 hour of ‘In-offc’ whnng, you wll b abl o achv your sparklng ram sml. Howvr, longr whnng pros wll b rqur for mor svr scolouraons (lk Tracycln sans).


Ths s mporan o nsur many yars of njoymn of your nw sml.

As par of T32’s whnng proocol, w rcommn ha all our pans manan h brghnss of hr h rgularly (2 o 3 monhs) wh hr cusomz hom-whnng rays. Ths cusoms hom-whnng rays ar craf n our n-hous nal laboraory o nsur xclln f, grar comfor an sasfacon among our pans.

Tramn Procss

Tramn Procss (Hom-whnng)
Ths s an asy 15 mnu procur.

     A al ashc analyss of your sml s conuc as wll as assssmn of your ary habs an xpcaon. Counsllng may b on concrnng h rgh hng o a afr whnng.Mouls ar akn of boh your uppr an lowr jaws. Ths allows our n-hous chncans o cusomz (bspok) h whnng rays o f you prfcly.Th bspok procss aks a fw hours o compl. Shoul you prfr, you may vn rqus o collc hm on h sam ay so ha you can sar on h whnng sragh away! Jus ask us!Whn h rays ar ray, you wll b gvn spcal whnng gls (avalabl n varous concnraons) for h whnng. You wll hn b shown how o apply h gls an o h whnng.Apply an war h rays for bwn 30 mnus o 2 hours (pnng on whnng gl concnraons.To rurn o our nss for rvw of rsuls n 3 o 4 wks.Do rmmbr o o your mannanc!

Tp: If you hav a bg pary or an mporan vn ha you ar anng an woul wan o b n your bs sml, a wk bfor h vn, you can pu h rays on for 1 or 2 applcaons.

Cos of Th Whnng

W ncourag you o spak wh our ns for a consulaon o fn ou mor abou h nal ramn avalabl for your conon, prc rangs an ohr fs applcabl.

FAQs on Th Whnng

Ar hr any s-ffcs assoca wh Th Whnng?

Th whnng s an xrmly saf an sraghforwar procur. Th mos common s ffc xprnc s snsvy, h nnsy vars from pan o pan. Th whnng wll no affc h ngry of h ooh srucur an xsng fllngs; howvr, xsng fllngs, vnrs or crowns prsn n h fron h ar unlkly o lghn o h sam gr as naural h an may n o b chang accorngly.

Is Th Whnng saf for Prgnan an nursng mohrs?

Th whnng s gnrally prcv o b a saf procur for prgnan of nursng mohrs. Ths s bcaus h acv ngrn n whnng gl, Prox, braks own n war an rlass oxygn racals, whch pnras h ooh an whns , an os no affc any ohr pars of h boy. Thr ar also no sus o nca ha h whnng poss any rsks o a vlopng fous, bu, as h frs rmsr s a crucal pro for h vlopmn of h fous, w gnrally rcommn cauon.
I s also complly saf for nw mohrs o us whnng gls whls sll nursng.

Is Th Whnng suabl for young chlrn?

Cauon s gnrally avs whn carryng ou whnng procurs on chlrn. Ths s bcaus hr prmann h may no y b fully vlop.

Wha ar h s ffcs of usng whnng gl or unrgong h hgh-nnsy lgh ramn?

Bfor h whnng gl s appl, a pan's lps an gums wll b proc. Ths mans ha, ohr han shor rm ooh snsvy, hr ar gnrally no ohr s ffcs xprnc.

Wll my h bcom mor brl afr h h whnng ramns?

Th whnng os no affc h ngry of h, hrfor wll no la o h h bcomng brl.

Ar hr any suaons whrby I woul b unsuabl for h n-offc whnng procur?

Evry pan s ffrn, for xampl, abnormals n h vlopmn an srucur may rsul n nna waknss of h naural h. For hs rason, w avs ha pans unrgo an nvual consulaon bfor commng o any nal procur.

Do I hav o gv up rnkng coff f I wsh o kp my h wh afr h procurs?

W o no avoca ha pans forgo coff n orr o manan wh h. Our nss wll avs you on varous ways o manan your nw sml; gnrally rgular profssonal clanng an us of h mannanc rays wll hlp rmov any suprfcal sans, nclung ncon sans caus by smokng.

How wh shoul my h b? How can I rmn h al lvl of whnss for my h?

Th al lvl of whnss vars bwn nvuals. Our nal surgons wll b abl o avs on nvual cass.

If I war h ray wh whnng gl for svral hours a ay, nsa of 1 hour pr ay, can I achv whnng a hom n a shorr pro of m han 14 ays?

As a gnral rul of humb w avs agans ovr-usng h whnng ray an gl, whch woul nclu prolong usag n a sngl ay. W o hs bcaus w ar followng h proocol rcommn by h manufacurrs.

I hav r h whnng oohpas an h whnng ks an hs hav no hlp m a all. How o I know ha h n-offc or hom whnng ramns wll b ffcv?

Th man ffrnc bwn sor bough proucs an profssonally spns proucs s n h mo of applcaon an concnraon of h whnng gls us. Profssonally spns gls ar of a hghr concnraon an hus, lvr a mor prcabl an nocabl rsul.

My h ar scolour u o racycln. Can hs procurs rmov h sans?

W xpc som gr of whnng o occur, vn on racycln san h. Howvr, pnng on svry of h sans, may no b possbl o rmov all of h sans.

Wha abou hygn sanars a T32 Dnal Cnr?

W unrsan h concrn an mporanc plac on prsonal safy. T32 Dnal Cnr uss auoclav srlsaon an sposabl/non-conamnaon chnqus o nsur ha h hghs hygn sanars ar m.

Dos hs procur hur?

Mos pans xprnc no scomfor. Howvr, som o xprnc ml mporary pan.

How much os hs procur cos?

A T32 Dnal Cnr our approach s o cusoms ramn for ach nvual. Th cos wll vry much pn on h spcfc pan’s programm. W blv ha, by ong hs, w ar abl o nsur maxmum valu for pans as hy ar charg only for h ramn hy n an no for gnral nal packags. Ths wll lmna any ramn or srvcs no n.

Is whnng harmful?

Whl h whnng s consr saf, you may xprnc som s ffcs from ramns: Th snsvy. Your h may bcom mor snsv followng h whnng. You may xprnc hs on your frs or scon ramn, an may mnsh wh m.

How can I whn my h fas?

Us Hyrogn Prox Sus hav shown ha oohpas ha conans 1% hyrogn prox an bakng soa whch can whn h sgnfcanly. Furhr sus also show ha brushng wh oohpas ha conans hyrogn prox an bakng soa wc n a ay can whn your h by 62% n jus sx wks.

Wha s h bs whnr for your h?

Opalscnc Go 15 Prcn K. ... . B Whnng Gl. ... . Crs 3D Wh Profssonal Effcs Whsrps. ... . Burs Coconu Whnng Srps. ... . Colga Opc Wh Toohpas. ... . Hllo Naurally Whnng Fluor Toohpas. ... . Crs Pro-Halh Avanc wh Exra Whnng Alcohol Fr Mouhwash..

Dos whnng acually work?

Whnng oohpas can appar o whn h slghly by rmovng surfac sans, such as hos caus by rnkng coff or smokng. Howvr, whnng oohpass can' chang h naural color of your h or lghn a san ha gos pr han a ooh's surfac.